VERSAskins - Saddle Hunting

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One premium, high performance outfit that comes with Realtree EDGE™
but that can be quickly "skinned" in the field to waterfowl, blaze or snow!

"Just change the skin for the season you're in!"

Saddle Hunting

Saddle Friendly

Industry FIRST - Saddle Friendly Jacket Option

Introducing the Industry's FIRST jacket with a Saddle Hunting option. VERSAskins is proud to offer our jackets and skins with accessible side panels to allow saddle hunters to pass their bridge and lineman loops through their jacket. This allows the hunter to keep their coat tucked flat in the front and helps to keep your core warm. Our solution eliminates a bunched up jacket which can make it hard to find and use your bridge or lineman loops safely.

This option is provided as a customization, please allow up to 10 days for modification and shipping of your jacket and skins.
Pricing: $30 per jacket and $10 per skin.

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What's Saddle Hunting? Check out this forum to learn more -

Saddle Friendly

Accessible Bridge Loops

Your saddle's bridge loops can be completely accessible through your jacket with the jacket zipped up and tucked comfortably down between your bridge loops. Snaps keep side panels in place when walking to and from your stand location. Simply unsnap the side panel to allow the bridge loops to pass through the jacket and then snap closed.

Saddle Friendly
Saddle Friendly

Accessible Lineman Loops

While climbing, simply connect your lineman loops to your lineman rope and keep the loops accessible through your jacket. This gets rid of the clutter and bunching and allows you to safely and easily see your lineman loops so you can connect/disconnect quickly.

Saddle Friendly